I Want to Work With James

Do these statistics bother you... 

like they bother me?

    • 1/3 of youth suffer from stress and anxiety.  

    • 78% of students polled reported not having healthy coping skills. 

    • SUICIDE is the 2nd leading cause of death for teens. 

    • 46% of employees do not report the levels of stress that affect their work. 

    • Teacher burnout and turnover costs districts Millions of dollars annually.  

    • 67% of students/staff do not get adequate movement in their day to prevent basic health issues


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About James... 

As a top wellness speaker in the nation, and School Stress Strategist it's my aim to forestall the educational mental, and physical health crises affecting youth and adults today.


By improving wellness, we decrease teacher turnover rate, student disciplinary actions, and improve academic performance. 


That's why I'm irrationally passionate about inspiring educators, parents, and students to include wellness in their work, for better education, and healthier lives! 

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Well, Here's My Story...

Born but not breathing! I was yanked out of my mother as the doctors yelled code blue, and my body slowly began turning the same color, as my umbilical cord wrapped around my neck. Eventually I took my first breath but it wasn’t until much later in life I really began to breathe. 

After feeling choked and cut off from my passion as an educator I began to become “burned out”, until once again breathing saved my life, but this time it wasn’t the operating room it was the yoga mat.

That's why I'm irrationally passionate about inspiring educators, parents, and students to include wellness in their lives for better education, and healthier lives! 

As a self-care strategist focused on student success, educator Burnout and Wellness, I've spent over a decade speaking at schools, conferences, mentor programs, and staff training seminars, about stress management and social emotional learning. 

With over a decade+ years of mental and physical wellness training, I have gained first-hand insight into what it takes to not only inspire students and educators but also incorporate wellness for necessary success. 

Also, I have had my own struggle with self-doubt. 

As illustrious as my accomplishments, 

I did not always believe in myself.  

I struggled as many do with low self-esteem, and bouts of anxiety and depression.  

You see… I was born without enough oxygen, but I just thought “I wasn’t enough” because my traumatic birth that made me feel insecure.

I thought, “I am not supposed to be here I can’t… I won’t... and I’ll never!” 

This thinking kept me fearful and doubtful about my academics and my personal wellness. 

However, after reluctantly taking a yoga class, learning strategies for life success and personal achievement, I’ve turned my wreck into relaxation and you can too! 

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